Another successful season of truck shows for David Weston

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As the weather grows colder and with winter fast approaching, it's time to wrap up this year's season of truck shows - and what a smashing season it has been! Whilst we've all had a great time travelling up and down the country to attend various truck shows, one dedicated member of our team really went the extra mile...

Long-standing and avid truck show attendee, David Weston, has had yet another cracking season of success in this year's truck shows. Having clocked up over 30 years of service here at Fagan & Whalley, it'll come as no surprise to many that David and his truck 'Joan Margaret', are finishing this season with a haul of trophies and certificates - and we couldn't be prouder of him! A particular highlight for David this year was The Great North West Swittas Truck Show, which was held at Haydock Park Racecourse on the 23rd and 24th of July.

Here, he bagged himself the First Place prize in 'The Best Working Truck' category - a fantastic achievement that demonstrates the consistent dedication and care he puts into looking after his vehicle.  At the same event, David also achieved Second Place in the 'Semi-Custom'' category. This was another great win for our flagship vehicle, which was gifted to David as part of his 30th Anniversary celebrations here at Fagan & Whalley.

The truck, which is affectionately named 'Joan Margaret' after David's mother, has been customised with unique light bars, chequered plating and a fully painted chassis and wings. However, David's success spans much further than simply one truck show.

In July, he also took Second Place in the 'Best Combination for Working Truck' category at this year's West Midlands & Wales Truckfest - as well as Second Place in Truck Fest North West's 'Best Fleet Award'. He also assisted as our 1953 Albion Truck, Albert, was awarded Third Place in the 'Best Vintage & Classic Truck' category! On top of these, David was also lucky enough to have taken home numerous 'Highly Commended' certificates at several shows, including the South West and Scottish Truckfest shows. 

'We couldn't be prouder of David," says F&W operations strategy director, Daniel Wood, "There are very few people out there who would dedicate so much of their free time and weekends to representing their workplace up and down the country, but that's what makes David so special. It's a great pleasure to witness the passion and enthusiasm he has for vehicles and the haulage industry, and we'd like to say a huge thank you to him for his commitment to Fagan & Whalley." "We'd also like to give our thanks to the various members of our team who have joined David in attending numerous truck shows; we applaud all of your dedication to supporting our company, and we couldn't be more grateful for the fantastic family we've created here at Fagan & Whalley.

It's a great pleasure to support all of our team in their truck show endeavours - and we're excited to see what the next season holds for us!"

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