Ever seen the shiny orange trucks on the A35? Boss reveals all in visit

Have you seen the shiny orange lorries that travel frequently on the A35 near Bridport? Bridport Mayor Ian Bark has - and he decided to find out more about them. Cllr Bark said he was perplexed by the sheer amount of 'immaculately clean, bright and shiny orange trucks' sighted between Bridport and Dorchester and wondered where they were all going to.

He said: "It is rare not to see at least one. The current record is five in one journey." He discovered the lorries, which display the name M.Way & Son, belong to a transport company based in South Molton, Devon.

Whilst holidaying in the north of the county recently he arranged to visit the premises and met with the owner Merv Way who was only too happy to welcome him. Cllr Bark spoke to Mr Way about his business and why so many of his lorries are spotted here in Dorset. Mr Way explained how he bought his first truck in 1973 whilst his wife handled the books.

Today, he has a fleet of 80 lorries. The trucks with an orange trailer travel back and forth to Portsmouth, where they are loaded with grain and delivered to west country mills and animal feed producers. Because they are transporting food products, the trucks pulling an orange trailer must be immaculately maintained.

The drivers take enormous pride in their vehicles, and each of the lorries has the name of the driver on the side and the name of their partner on the front. Orange trucks pulling a black trailer are hauling scrap metal or paper, and those with a grey or white trailer are transporting aggregates. Cllr Bark said: "It transpired that Merv is also a long serving South Molton town councillor and was recently mayor which gave us something in common to share our experiences.

"It is amazing how a casual observation whilst driving one day unfolded into a fascinating story.

Keep your eyes peeled and see how many you spot when travelling between Bridport and Dorchester."