Eddy’s Good News: New electric trucks & bird hunted to extinction in 1916 makes comeback!

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29 Sep 2022, 09:37

Credit: Volvo

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Wednesday 29th September 2022

Good news from Sweden as Volvo announce the launch of their first new fleet of ground breaking electric trucks, and these heavy duty beasts already represent two thirds of their truck sales.

The automotive industry is changing fast and the long ranges required by haulage companies meant they were lagging behind the domestic drivers going electric. This is no longer an issue as Swedish scientists cracked the holy grail of electric truck technology - no trucker on a roll wants to stop and charge their battery every few hours, so these marvellous, multi wheeled mega-trucks generate their own electricity, with hydrogen fuel cells, which release only water from the exhaust pipe and have a range of 600 miles!

These bad boys can carry at least 65 tonnes and cells can be refuelled in 15 minutes too and because trucks have schedules and special stops, this can be easily organised. Volvo are saying that over the next few years half the trucks they sell worldwide will be electric. 



Credit: The Times/News UK

Good news from here in the UK as the magnificent osprey which was hunted into extinction over here in 1916 has made a brilliant bounce back.

The stunning bird of prey was once thought to harm fish stocks and was murdered in wholesale as a result.

Now we've realised they are the ones fishing sustainably and we are the animals that are causing catastrophe to our fish stocks, attitudes have changed, as has the law, to protect these resplendent raptors.

A pair of Ospreys came to Scotland from Scandinavia after WW2 and the perfect habitat and rich fishing saw their population grow to about 250 pairs at the last count in 2018.

Ospreys are now breeding happily in Cumbria, Northumberland, and north and west Wales, they're now being introduced as far south as East Anglia now.

More good news from Yorkshire too, where the first osprey chick was just born, the first one in over 200 years!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org