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A dedicated police dog has been given a lifetime achievement award for over seven years of dedicated service, in which he narrowly survived being shot in the face three times. Retired police dog Logan, now eight and a half years old, was given the honour at this year's Thin Blue Paw Awards at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on Thursday, September 22. Logan joined Humberside Police in January 2015 at just ten months old, after graduating from the South Yorkshire Police breeding programme.

He had no training at all when he was partnered with PC Ian Sweeney, 52, but by 2017 he was qualified as a firearms support dog.

Logan has been with PC Sweeney for a number of years at Humberside Police. | Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation The pooch retired in May 2022 after a long list of achievements and difficult times, which saw him assist in more than 300 arrests for a number of high-profile criminal cases. PC Sweeney, who lives in North East Lincolnshire with his wife Lynn, now has Logan living with him for good after the dog's retirement from police work.

His proud former handler and owner, PC Ian Sweeney, says he doesn't have enough space on his shelf for all of Logan's awards to celebrate his glittering career.

They have a special bond, and Logan now lives with PC Sweeney following the pooch's retirement. | Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation

He said: "Logan is my soulmate and I'm so proud of him for everything he's achieved.

This award is particularly special as it encompasses everything he's done and I don't think you ever really believe you'll achieve something like that!  

"It makes all the hard work so worthwhile. I still feel incredibly shocked, overwhelmed and overjoyed by it!

"A police dog never has a bad day and they keep you going. They get up every morning, their tail wagging.

Working as a dog handler is my dream job and I feel so lucky that I got to spend seven and a half years working beside Logan. Now, he is mine, and I just want him to have a lovely retirement." 

Some of Logan's greatest hits

Logan loves playtime almost as much as he loves detaining criminals! | Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation In September 2016, after more than 200 football fans clashed in the streets of Grimsby, Logan helped prevent a major public disorder incident - earning himself his first award from Humberside Police.

Another award soon followed for Logan, when he and PC Sweeney successfully tracked an organised gang responsible for the theft of high-value cars, after three ran from a vehicle across open land. Despite being attacked with bricks, Logan chased after them and managed to detain all three, picking up injuries in the process.

PC Sweeney said he is "so proud" of all that Logan has achieved. | Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation Another accomplishment in Logan's career came after six illegal immigrants made off from port security.

Three of them gave up when they saw Logan pursuing, but the others ran away to hide. Logan navigated his way through swamps, rivers and marshland to detain all three singlehandedly and end up with another six arrests to his name. In December 2020, Logan successfully tracked a high-risk missing person who had disappeared from his home.

| Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation

After 70 minutes searching 5 square miles in temperatures below freezing, Logan located the man, unclothed and on the verge of death. He guided medics to the man and ultimately saved his life. It was in May 2018 when Logan and PC Sweeney's most difficult moment arrived.

The pair were deployed to search for an attempted murderer who fled the scene in Grimsby. They knew where he was hiding and that he had a bladed weapon on him, but Logan and Sweeney cornered the fleeing man before he turned on them with a handgun - threatening to kill them both.

After almost eight years of service, it's over and out for PD Logan. | Photo: Thin Blue Paw Foundation PC Sweeney recalls the harrowing moment: "I deployed Logan which was probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make as the man shot at me.

"I thought I may be sending him to his death to protect me.

I got hit in the face three times and Logan was also shot in the mouth and head three times - but, despite his injuries, he still detained him successfully.

"Logan bounced back unbelievably from the incident; in fact he only had to have time off work because I was signed off for six weeks due to my injuries." 

Logan received the Heart of the Community Award and the North East Region 2 National Bravery Award for this incident - which saw him put his life on the line to prevent a criminal from committing any more crimes.