75-year-old arrested as suspected stolen items seized in police raid

A 75-year-old has been arrested after police seized several generators that were suspected to have been stolen. Officers from the Thames Valley Polcie rural taskforce descended on a storage facility near Denham, where they discovered eight generators that were suspected stolen. Following the raid, a 75-year-old from Ealing and a 33-year-old have been arrested.

Officers seized a Transit van and Ford Ranger pickup truck which were suspected to have been used in criminal activity. The generators are suspected to have been taken from Hertfordshire, Essex and the Thames Valley. A response team from Amersham was also on hand to assist the rural crime unit.

Officers have seized 8 sus stolen generators and compressors from a storage facility near Denham.

A 75yo from Ealing and a 33yo male from Hillingdon have been arrested.

A Transit van and Ford Ranger have also been seized sus used in crime.

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-- TVP Rural Crime Taskforce ? ? (@TVP_RuralCrime) September 26, 2022