Shopkeeper returns from holiday to hear ‘he scooped £195m Euromillions jackpot’

People are certain a Bargain Booze owner has won a GBP195million jackpot. Robert Boyle has had a constant flow of customers coming into his off-sales outlet. He says he has "people in every day" after whispers emerged a huge winning EuroMillions ticket was sold in Merseyside.

Robert has customers are trying to establish if he was the person who had sold the winning ticket in Formby. The Liverpool Echo reported that a shop worker has already said she was certain she had sold it.. A week after the record-breaking jackpot was claimed by one lucky player on July 20, she said: "I'm sure I sold [the winning ticket].

"I remember serving one lad, I looked at the ticket and the numbers just looked right. "Our boss is on holiday and we haven't heard anything from Camelot about whether we were the ones to sell it."

Lotto curse - Brits whose lives were destroyed when they became millionairesundefinedRobert Boyle has had a constant flow of people coming into his shop asking whether he sold the winning ticketRobert Boyle has had a constant flow of people coming into his shop asking whether he sold the winning ticket (Andy Teebay/Liverpool Echo)

Robert, who was on holiday in Cancun, Mexico at the time, has even said customers have asked him if it was him that one the eye-watering amount. He said: "It's great that everybody is talking about it and people have been coming in asking about it.

"People even think it's me because I was away in Mexico at the time. "Every other customer comes in asking about it. You get a big payout if you sell the winning ticket as well."

The 55-year-old, who has owned the shop along with his wife since 1996, came back from his relaxing break away to find people were putting his shop at the centre of the rumours. Robert even received a letter earlier this month from someone claiming to have won the jackpot. The supposed winner wrote a hand-written letter which said: "Dear Bargain Booze,

"I don't know where you got the idea that the Euromillions ticket was bought in your shop. "I am that winner and bought the ticket in Paisley. "Just for the record!

Mr J.U." Camelot would not confirm nor deny where the ticket or the winner came from as the lucky ticket holder had chosen to go public. At the time of the win The Mirror told how the town was rife with speculation about who had bought the winning ticket.

And a letter writer, who claimed to be the winner of the record GBP195million EuroMillions jackpot claimed to have put the rumours to rest in a letter he sent to Bargain Booze. Just a day after the numbers were drawn on July 20, a record GBP195million was claimed by one lucky ticket holder in the UK. And immediately Merseyside, was gripped by a rumour about who the winner was which spread like wildfire.

But the shop received the bizarre handwritten anonymous letter sent to it, with one person claiming to have pocketed the jackpot with a ticket bought in Scotland rather than Merseyside.

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