Camper destined for the scrap wins best in show at major car event

A VW camper that was destined for the scrapyard in Australia won a car event after being restored by enthusiasts in Barrow.  Irv's Restoration won 'best in show' at the prestigious Fitted UK competition in Manchester Central on July 24. According to Paul Irving, the owner of Irv's Restoration, the camper was spotted on a flatbed truck bound for a scrapyard in Australia. 

The Mail: The camper's condition when it arrived in the UK from AustraliaThe camper's condition when it arrived in the UK from Australia It was brought over here and then was painstakingly restored over a year and a half.  Paul said: "There were Ferraris and Lamborghinis there but we won because the judge was impressed with what we'd managed to do with it since it arrived here from Australia.

"I knew that it was good. I thought 'I would like to get to the top 20' but when we won it I was blown away - they were letting off fireworks." 

There were 3,500 entries for the 200 spaces at the car show before the competition even started.