“It’s just going up and up and up”

Data firm Experian said the average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts reached a new high of 191.1p on Sunday. Diesel prices reached a record of 199.1p per litre on Saturday, before dropping slightly to 198.9p per litre a day later. Emily Barrett, from Sowerby Bridge, says the continual increase in filling up her car could well drive her off the roads altogether.

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A motorist fills up their carA motorist fills up their carA motorist fills up their car

"I'm cabin crew, so I drive to London once or twice a week, so I'm spending about GBP65 a week, which used to be about GBP45 a week" she said.

"So it's an extra GBP100 a month, so it's definitely a lot more noticeable. "Sometimes when I'm filling up at the services it's 207p a litre, so you don't get much for your money at all at the minute. "I'm trying to stay in London with family a bit more so i don't have to come up and down as much.

Petrol prices at Asda in HalifaxPetrol prices at Asda in HalifaxPetrol prices at Asda in Halifax

"I fly long-haul and short-haul so I'm trying to ask for long-haul so I'm not having to come up and down as much as I would for shorter flights.

"I think the prices will keep going up. It seems like every time I go it's three or four pence more every few weeks. "I've been doing my job eight years and when I started GBP35 would get me to London and back and now it's costing me GBP65.

It was GBP45 last year but since then it's gone crazy, it's just going up and up and up. "Even supermarkets aren't much cheaper at the minute, but there used to be a massive difference in price between them and the other garages. "I've been looking at trains, which can be quite cheap with a railcard, so I'm going to do that I think because it's just getting absolutely ridiculous.

"And I don't feel like it's going to get better any time soon." James Barraclough, 33, is the director of Adept Rescue and Recovery, which covers South and West Yorkshire. "I'll be honest, it could close us," he said of the high fuel prices.

"I didn't even put half a tank in my truck the other day and it cost me more than GBP400, when normally GBP400 would fill the tank. "We're a very small business, I've worked damn hard to get to where I am but it could all go down the pan very quickly, purely because of diesel prices. "There's been a rise in insurance too, it's all a mix of everything that's coming together.

"But the haulage industry can't keep going with what's happening. "The recovery industry itself is a very line of profit and non-profit. "We're sub-contracted by companies like the AA and are paid, say, a pound a mile, but it might cost us two pounds a mile to be on the road.

"Because we're not being paid the right rates, we can't afford to run. I'm just watching my bank account go slowly down and down." James believes the problem is only going to get worse.

"I think if I'm honest, we're heading for quite a large recession and prices are going to go up," he said. "There was supposedly a drop in price of five pence a litre the other week and none of the garages passed that on because they know that they can keep it at that price because people need the fuel. "It needs every truck driver in the UK to park his lorry up for a week and see what happens then.

"If they can't afford to put fuel in the trucks, what happens then? They'll go bust, and whoever they owe money to - which is just business - they don't get paid, and they'll probably go bust so there's a massive knock-on effect, not just in the road transport sector but in every part of life. "People don't understand the severity of what diesel and petrol prices contribute to the running of the country.

"But what help is there?

There is no help.

"We'll keep going, trying our best and hope we can keep going but I don't know how long I can keep it going for."